What is Uptime Charts?

When it comes to web applictions, customers expect a flawless experience - and this means your site always need to be fast, reliable, and always online. Sometimes your website will only be available from certain locations, become slow, or may be down for an unknown reason without you noticing. This will cause customers to loose trust in your site and could cause them to look elsewhere for a solution to their problem.

Uptime Charts is here to help! We can help you monitor your websites uptime, view website uptime history, and view performance statistics. Simply Register, add your website, and get alerts when it goes down!

Monitor Uptime

Uptime Charts will monitor your website uptime to make sure its always online and help you maintain 99% uptime.

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View Charts

View beautiful visualisation that help you understand your sites response time, uptime, performance and more!

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Receive Alerts

Recieve alerts by email and text message immediately so you can fix any issues with your site as soon as possible.

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Questions and Features

Is the site down?

Check the status of your favourite sites

Have you asked yourself "is the website down" OR "is it down or just me", to try to find if your favourite website is working right now? We have our Popular Sites Uptime Page which shows you the uptime history and past alerts from your favourite sites. Check out Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and more!

Popular Sites

How to check if a website is down?

Another way to check if a website is down (if its not in our Popular Sites Uptime Page), is to use our Test Page where you can check the status of any website. Simply type in the url (including http or https), and click the submit button to get lots of data back on the site!

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Uptime Monitoring

Uptime charts provides a monitoring service which allows you to be alerted when a website goes down. You can send email and sms alerts to multiple email addresses and phone numbers, as well as customize exactly what kind of errors you want to be alerted to.

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Uptime is important - it shows your available, ready for business, and is the cornerstone of a great customer experience.